On International Day of Happiness (and the first official day of Spring), I’m excited to share some news about a project that I’ve been formulating behind the scenes with a couple of legends (and future business partners). While we’re not quite ready to launch, it seems appropriate – as it’s a day to encourage and celebrate happiness – to provide a sneak peak into our concept…

POINT3 is a new approach to mind and body fitness with the aim of inspiring people to move more mindfully and be their very best – in mind, body and soul. You can find out a little more about our vision and follow our journey on Instagram at point3wellbeing.com.

In a couple of months I’ll say farewell to a fulfilling career in marketing to pursue this passion for fitness and wellbeing. Nicky, Sion and I (pictured above on our first ever shared run/happy experience three years ago) are all passionate about the benefits that fitness, mindfulness, nutrition and community have on both mental and physical wellbeing, and are keen to use our events experience of “bringing people together” to create a new way of life that has a positive effect on the management and prevention of stress.

Follow our journey from start-up to push-up, and we look forward to sharing more details over the coming months.

Be well, be happy, be you x

Welcome back to #GTime. Today’s #SundayTimes has been inspired by my recent trip to Lyon for a race in the beautiful Beaujolais hills. It is dedicated to the Boston Marathon, today’s London Marathon & my great school friend Tori & new friends Ronnie & Gary.


We spent last weekend together in Lyon, all with a common passion for running. While I was there to run a mere 30km, Tori & Gary opted for the 65km. Ronnie would have joined them had she not been pregnant, so took on the role of fabulous supporter & coach on the side-lines. Running brings people together from all over the world – communities, friends & lovers. So, while we were enjoying a delicious meal on Sunday evening to celebrate Tori’s birthday, we were terribly shaken when news reached us about the Boston Marathon.

It was incredible this morning to see London’s response to last week’s attacks, with crowds deeper than ever before. This more than anything sums up what running is about. Whether taking part as a runner, supporter or volunteer, everyone shares that common bond of respect & community.

The timing of my trip to France could not have been more perfect. As I embark on a new career path, it was a time to reflect on what’s important in life & what makes us truly happy… Today’s #5aday focuses on 5 things which I believe are the ingredients to happiness: Life, Love, Laughter, Loyalty & Lyon.

  1. Life – When tragedy strikes, it’s a reminder how we must live life to the full, thankful for the freedom & opportunities we have.
  2. Love – Whether it’s the love of family & friends, a special someone or running, this vital ingredient keeps us passionate & driven.
  3. Laughter – We certainly laughed lots last weekend. It was a special time with old friends & new & I will cherish the memories forever.
  4. Loyalty – Whatever happens, loyalty is an important value giving us purpose & fulfilment. Always remain loyal & true to yourself.
  5. Lyon – A beautiful place to spend 4 days with inspirational friends, challenging running & inspiring conversation. Serendipity…

Lyon in this case is a metaphor for a moment in time, & one I will remember forever, thanks to fabulous friends & a new tattoo… 🙂

So, here’s to life, love, laughter, loyalty & Lyon… My thoughts remain with those affected by the Boston tragedy & to all those inspirational people with incredible stories, involved in today’s London Marathon.

G x

By Sarah Mayo