A tale of three cities…

Over the last few weeks, there’s been a lot of talk about marathons… Running bore alert!

It all started a couple of Sundays ago, when I went to watch the London Marathon with fellow BeaRCat runners. London was looking resplendent in the sunshine and the iconic landmarks of Big Ben and the Embankment provided a stunning backdrop to this incredible event. It was such an inspirational day and brought back memories of my two London Marathons in 2000 and 2010. The experience planted a seed and got me thinking about my 2015 running challenges…

London marathon

On the day after I had a whirlwind business trip to Paris. This is one of my favourite cities having spent 6 months working here when I was 18. In April 2012 I also took part in the Eco Trail de Paris, a 30km race around the trails of the Paris suburbs, ending up at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. All the memories came flooding back as we enjoyed a tour of the Seine, and the Champs Elysees on the back of a moto taxi! The sun was shining and the city was looking spectacular. So, it was perhaps not surprising that when I got back, and with the 2015 Paris Marathon ballot open for entries, I decided to try my luck by entering…

Eiffel Tower

And then last weekend, I enjoyed three glorious days in Edinburgh, the city where I grew up. The sun was once again shining and the city was looking stunning. I went on my favourite run up Arthur’s Seat, a bit of a tradition whenever I’m up and enjoyed the reward of the breathtaking views overlooking Edinburgh and the Firth of Forth. I was chatting to my parents about marathons and was reminded that they were the ones that inspired my interest in running when they both took part in the Edinburgh Marathon during their 40th birthday years, achieving amazing times of 3.26 and 4.08, respectively. This got me thinking, why have I never considered running Edinburgh, my home race? So I decided that should I not get through the Paris ballot, I’d sign up to the 2015 Edinburgh Marathon instead!

Edinburgh Castle from Arthur's Seat

I was of course tempted to enter the ballot for London when it opened this Tuesday but decided that I’d leave that re-run until 2020, making it a 10-yearly thing! Anyway, my 2015 running goals were decided for me this Wednesday, when I received a congratulations email to say that I have been accepted into the Paris Marathon on the 12 April 2015.

Et bah dis donc, I guess that’s my 2015 running challenge sorted then. Edinburgh will have to wait until another year. The countdown is on. 341 days to go!

A bientot!

G x

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