5 reasons I’m a running bore!

Running has taken over my 2014 so far.

Friday nights come and I find myself looking at my watch at 11pm, thinking I should be home, tucked up in bed, ahead of clocking up the mileage on Saturday mornings. Sunday morning’s early run club means Saturday nights are equally tainted. Monday mornings arrive and when asked how my weekend was, I hear myself wittering on about my “training”… It’s official. I’m a running bore!


But as much as I might be boring others with my training (I’m so sorry) – I am absolutely LOVING it!

I have just started week 4 of a 9 week training plan for the Richmond Half Marathon that takes place on Sunday 23 March. With 6 weeks to go until the big day, and less than 2 to my first half marathon of 2014 (the Hampton Court Half on 23 February), I thought I’d take this opportunity to share 5 reasons why I’m loving my running so much this year – and maybe this will inspire you with your running or other fitness goals.

  1. Goal setting – at the beginning of 2014, I set myself a number of running challenges, including getting an elusive personal best (PB) time in a half marathon. I’m sure you’ve heard it many times before, but by committing in writing or verbally to friends, this is a sure-fire way to ensure you’re more likely to stick to a goal. It’s then far easier to set yourself a clear plan of how you are going to achieve that goal – for example, downloading a 12 week training programme. goal-setting-photo
  2. Running club – another of my New Year’s Resolutions was to join a running club. Just before Christmas, I joined the lovely BeaRCat Running Club, based out of the Turks Head pub in St Margarets. This run club was founded in early 2012 by Caitlin Limmer, an incredibly passionate and motivational leader. Caitlin works tirelessly to ensure the club is welcoming and unintimidating, and this ethos trickles throughout this lovely community. The club meet every Sunday morning at 8.30am and it requires all powers of motivation to drag myself out of bed at such an hour, but it’s more than worth it! Bearcat runners
  3. Running app – I used to train with a Garmin until it broke about a year ago. Since then I have plodded on with my running without any real idea how fast or how far I was going. This was fine when I didn’t really have any goals, but now that speed is the number one thing I’m trying to improve, it’s essential to measure my progress. I’m absolutely obsessed with my Nike + Running app! The coach feature is my training programme, which I’ve been following religiously so far, and fingers crossed it’s going to get me over that finish line in the time I’m aiming for. running app
  4. Running buddy – running with others is massively motivating. Just as I love running with the BeaRCat Runners on Sunday mornings, I have found another new running buddy in the form of Nicky from work. I can safely say that I would not be pounding those pavements after work, in the cold, wet, windy, dark evenings, if it wasn’t for Nicky. It really has helped both of us with our training so far and we’ve shared some great runs, in and around the beautiful Richmond area. Nicky and Sarah
  5. New gear – all the gear and no idea! There is a lot to be said for investing in some new kit. You will run better if you feel confident and comfortable in your running outfit. New trainers are so important – they should be changed every 300-500 miles – so don’t underestimate how vital it is to have a good pair of trainers with the right support for your running style. Sporting Feet in Richmond provide an excellent fitting service – and BeaRCat Runners benefit from a 10% discount! Sporting Feet

There you have it… I truly hope these 5 thoughts inspire you rather than bore you 🙂

Good luck with your running and other training goals.

G x


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