This week’s 5 nicest things…

Welcome to this week’s 5 nicest things…

  1. 5-a-day – today’s yummy Sunday roast chicken (made by my brother) with the family. photo 2-4
  2. 4 awards – for my agency at an awards do on Thursday evening. So proud to work for such an amazing companyphoto 1-5
  3. 3 sessions of Bikram Yoga – after a month back, I am starting to see the benefits of this gruelling exercise. Screen shot 2013-10-27 at 19.20.56
  4. 2 birthdays – Sarah and Jane’s birthday drinks at Boma Green, Parson’s Greenphoto 4-4
  5. 1 delicious new discoveryYu Kyu’s mobile Japanese street food at Rupert Street’s Soho food market. Visit him on Fridays and Saturdays! photo 3-5

Right, now to batten down those hatches ahead of tonight/tomorrow’s storm. Stay safe everyone.

G x

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