This week’s 5 nicest things…

Today has been such a contrast to yesterday’s glorious sunny day, a day made for being outdoors! Weather like today gives you an excuse to stay in and enjoy a sofa day… unless you have committed yourself to going to yoga, of course!

photo-76Here we are at the end of another week, so here goes withย this week’s 5 nicest things:

  1. Bikram – After a summer off from hot yoga, it’s great to be back into Bikram. This week I’ve been three times and I am really starting to see the benefits. I’m less stiff afterwards for starters, and I’m able to push myself further in all of the poses (Bikram is made up of 26 hatha yoga positions). Read my previous review of the benefits of Bikram yoga. This practice will suit you if you’re dedicated (to achieve a leaner physique, you need to be going at least 2 times a week), focused (it will benefit all areas of your life) and you like to sweat (prepare to sweat buckets!).
  2. Beef Bourguignon – Earlier in the week, I went round to a friend’s for dinner and a catch up. We ate home-cooked Beef Bourguignon, not home-cooked by George, but by Cook. Why slave over the cooker when you’ve been working all day, when Cook, can cook up something equally wholesome and delicious for you to store in the freezer? It was lovely to have a gossip with George and Tamsin, and I saw my godson briefly and read stories to his older brother ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Burgers – On Thursday I meet up with Sarah and Jane for a burger at The Alma, Wandsworth Town. I haven’t seen much of them this summer so it was fab to catch up on what we’ve all been doing. Oh and the Alma burger with Somerset brie, bacon & fries was pretty tasty too. The Alma is always a safe bet for a friendly atmosphere and the choice of either eating in the bar or restaurant.
  4. Book Clubbing – Yesterday I had arranged to meet my Book Club. We’ve named ourselves this but we don’t actually discuss books, and the most we read when we’re together is the menu and the wine list! We used to be work colleagues over 10 years ago, and we still keep in touch as much as our busy lives allow. We went to Wimbledon for a pub lunch at The Alexandra and lots of bubbles, and then browsed the boutiques in the Village before finishing off with some more bubbles at Hemingways.
  5. Breaking Bad – As the 5th and final series finished last month, I have just started to watch this brilliant show about a chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with cancer and turns to crime to pay for his treatment and secure the financial future of his family. It is totally addictive and on rainy days like today there is nothing better than watching back-to-back Breaking Bad!

Here’s to the week ahead, have a great one folks!

G x

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