Tattoo or not Tattoo?

Hello & welcome to #WellbeingWednesday. It’s been a while since I last blogged, as I’ve been so busy with work & play!

I felt inspired to write today’s blog having just read a great article by Sali Hughes, Beauty Editor in today’s edition of the daily Emerald Street email by Stylist.

The article is largely about the beauty or not of tattoos… Sali rightly points out that the beauty of tattoos is surely in the eye of the beholder & why should it bother people so much, what others choose to adorn their bodies with?

Tattoos for me are both superficial & significant. I like them for simply how pretty or stylish they are but also for what they mean to me, about my character or a certain time in my life. I have 3 – a blue flower on my lower back, a symbolic representation of my star sign (Scorpio) on my hip & the letter ‘G’ on my wrist…

I do think there are some shockers out there e.g. Tulisa’s Lucky You tattoo, but as a general lover of tattoos, I thought I’d dedicate today’s #5aday to my top 5 celebrity tattoos.

  1. Sienna Miller’s swallow on her wrist Sienna-Miller-tattoo-134955_L
  2. Victoria Beckham’s DB on her wrist victoria-beckham-tattoo-on-her-hand
  3. Lana Del Rey’s paradise on her hand Del-Reys-Paradise-Tattoo-Design
  4. Adele’s A behind her ear adele-new-tattoo-grammys
  5. Cara Delevigne’s initials on her hand o-CARA-DELEVINGNE-TATTOO-570

So, what camp are you in? Tattoo or not Tattoo?

G x

By Sarah Mayo

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