6 months later…

Welcome to #SundayTimes. Hope you’re outdoors enjoying this spectacular weather!

6 months ago I wrote a blog about my New Year’s Resolutions. At the time I also mentioned an article in the Metro which said that only 1 in 11 of us will have stuck to our New Year’s Resolutions in 6 month’s time

As a test, I committed my 5 resolutions to writing & promised to do a follow-up article 6 months later to see whether I was able to stick to them or not. So, let’s take a look & see…

  1. Get a PB (sub 1hr 54) in the Mull of Kintyre Half Marathon on 26 May 2013. I did take part in this amazing run, but completed it in 1hr 58, which means that my PB is still out there to be achieved… photo-58
  2. Take up Bikram Yoga – to complement my running, increasing my flexibility & reducing the chance of injury. I have taken up Bikram & will continue this more regularly after the summer. Richmond Bikram Yoga
  3. Do something new & different each month – Every month Luci & I take it in turns to organise a #MysteryNight for each other. Image-11
  4. Learn a new skillI have learned how to apply semi-permanent lashes & ‘graduated’ a couple of weeks ago as a Nouveau Lashes technician! photo-59
  5. Travel to a new country – I’m hoping to go to Lithuania in September, & possibly Russia in August… watch this space.

So, while I haven’t been able to tick them all off yet, they are still very much work in progress! It really does help you commit to things, if you write them down. How have you got on? Is it time to re-look at what you were hoping to achieve in 2013?

I can’t actually believe we are halfway through 2013. It has been a busy year so far full of new jobs, loves and experiences! What will the rest of 2013 bring??!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend & I wish you all the best for the rest of 2013.

G x

By Sarah Mayo


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