On the Lash!

Welcome to #TuesdayTreats and today’s #TuesdayTreatments Summer Special.

Last month I wrote about my experience of training in the application of Nouveau Lashes semi-permanent lashes. Over the last 6 weeks, I’ve been completing my 8 case studies and I’m pleased to say that last week I graduated! I am now a fully fledged, insured and trained Nouveau Lashes technician.

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 14.59.10

So, today’s #TuesdayTreats #5aday blog features 5 reasons why you should treat yourself and have your lashes done this summer…

  1. Your eyes will look amazing – the lashes open up and brighten your eyes. People will notice a difference.
  2. They are perfect for holidays – say goodbye to mascara! There’s nothing better than being able to get up and go straight to the beach, looking naturally gorgeous.
  3. Say goodbye to mascara forever – never mind just for holidays or special occasions, these lashes if maintained well, are a great replacement for mascara everyday.
  4. Nouveau Lashes are industry-leading – made from soft natural human hair, they’re light, natural looking, comfortable & long-lasting.
  5. The standards of training are the very best – there are many types of semi-permanent lashes out there, but the Nouveau Lashes training and technicians are the very best.

5 excellent reasons why you should book yourself in to your nearest Nouveau Lashes salon or technician now. If you live in the Richmond or Twickenham area, then contact me! For the months of July and August, I’m offering an introductory rate of £50 for a full set of lashes.

So what are you waiting for? Get on the lash today!

G x

By Sarah Mayo


  1. Congratulations Ginger and I wish I were closer to come get on the lash with you. Rest assured, this will be on the agenda when we’re next together! x

  2. How you come up with the headlines I don’t know – I though this was going to be all about razzing it up but no! Very cool!

    Ren Basson C: +27 82 342 4885 Skype: renebasson

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