Parents’ Day

Welcome to #SundayTimes. Today’s post is dedicated to my dear parents.

Of course we all know that today is Father’s Day but it also happens to be Mother’s Day in our family, as it’s my mum’s birthday too.

So, today’s #5aday blog features 5 reasons to be thankful for the love and support of my dear parents.Β Thank you for…

  1. Bringing up the three of us in a close, supportive family environment with much fun and laughter.
  2. The wonderful opportunities you’ve given us without any pressure to pursue one direction or another.
  3. The oodles of support you give without judgement. (I have tested this to the full over the years!)
  4. The wise words of experience and advice you provide when asked or needed.
  5. Leading by example – promoting strong values, and the right balance between ambition and enjoying life to the full.
You are amazing role-models and I’m so grateful for everything you have done and everything you continue to do.Β Thank you.
G x
By Sarah Mayo


  1. Wow. I LOVE this. My favourite of all your posts gorgeous Ginger! Love the pics and you are very very lucky indeed to have the incredible support network that you do. Happy Fathers Day to David and Happy Birthday to Jane … X
    ps. Doesn’t David has a young’un look identical to Colin?!?!

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