Mystery Night

Hello & welcome to #ThursdayFriday!

Every month, one of my best friends Luci & I take it in turns to organise a ‘Mystery Night’ for each other… This way we make an effort to do different things each month. The theme remains a secret until the day, when we send clues via twitter.

So, today’s #ThursdayFriday #5aday looks back at the last 5 months & the 5 mystery activities we’ve experienced so far in 2013…

  1. Pasta-making – In January, I took Luci to Jamie Oliver’s Recipease in Notting Hill to learn how to make pukka pasta. photo-49
  2. Pole-dancing – In February, Luci organised a private pole-dancing lesson for us through The Pole Studio. Exercise not seduction! photo-48
  3. Pop-up dining – In March, we both had a mystery experience as I booked us into Gingerline for a clandestine dining experience! photo-51
  4. Palladium – In April, Luci took me to the London Palladium’s A Chorus Line after tapas & drinks on Aqua’s rooftop terrace oppositephoto-50
  5. Polo – Last month, we went to the O2 to be entertained by The Gaucho International Polo followed by a fun impromptu After Party (on a school night!). photo-52

Perhaps these 5 fun activities will inspire you to get out there & do something different each month?

Now it’s June, & Luci’s turn to organise our Mystery Night. Over to you Luci! Can we continue the ‘P’ theme for the rest of the year?!

G x

By Sarah Mayo


  1. What a lovely, cool idea you guys have, to make sure you keep intouch with each other in all our ‘busy’ lives, very sweet. Hmmmmm, you got me thinking now…… Thanks 😉 x

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