Running on Empty

Hello! Over the last few weeks I’ve been feeling run down & full of cold. Not great preparation for my run this coming weekend!

I have been popping so many pills I’m rattling! So, today’s #WellbeingWednesday #5aday features great supplements to keep you fighting fit.

  1. Boots Pharmaceuticals Cold & Flu relief Echinacea – a herbal medicine to relieve cold symptoms @ £5.99 for 30 capsules.
  2. Sun Chlorella “A” – a high quality & balanced nutritional supplement, rich in many nutrients @ £21.95 for 300 tablets.
  3. Holland & Barrett Skin Hair & Nails Formula – a naturally inspired supplement providing vital nutrients @ £4.99 for 40 pills.
  4. Boots Value Health Non-Drowsy Hayfever & Allergy Relief – a good remedy for hayfever symptoms @ 99p for 7 tablets.
  5. Protex-H – Extract of prickly pear speeds up muscle recovery during strenuous activity (marathons) @ £29.85 for 12.

5 supplements to keep illness at bay & promote health & wellbeing everyday & during training but which will win today’s #GTopSpot?

Today’s #WellbeingWednesday #GTopSpot goes to #2 Sun Chlorella “A” – For all your Iron, Vit B12, Vit D & Folic Acid needs! G x

Sun Chlorella A

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