Love what you’re doing

Afternoon! Welcome this Good Friday to #TheFridayInterview and today’s #TheChainofInspiration

At the beginning of March, Krista Watters of Bhavana Yoga Boutique, was my fourth interviewee in #TheChainofInspiration. I’m delighted today to introduce our next interviewee – Katie Quinn, designer/creative director for Over to you Krista!

Downtown Betty

Katie is from Vancouver, BC. She is a very inspirational, eco-conscious clothing/fashion designer and talented surfer & yogini too! She designs a handmade, sassy, beach lifestyle clothing line, to get you from the studio, onto your bike and off on an adventure.

  1. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a national geographic photographer, a vet (but more like a Jane Goodall) & a fashion designer.
  2. What are your 2013 hopes & dreams? I hope to grow my business into more studios & boutiques across Canada as well as worldwide. 
  3. What makes you get up in the morning/inspires you? Sunshine, birds & if I’ve written a list the night before, it’s clear why I should leave the coziness of bed with my boyfriend!
  4. How did you come to set up your business?  After a gruelling career in film, I went to India to do my yoga teacher training. I made some t-shirts for the ashram & soon realised I could put my fashion design diploma to work. Bicycle Downtown Betty was born & 3 weeks later I was at my 1st market.
  5. What is it you love most about Downtown Betty? I love all parts of it. I love helping people feel sexy & comfortable & confident enough in what they are wearing, to do so naturally.
  6. How did you select the name Downtown Betty? Betty is my Grandma’s name & it reminds me of the fifties when times were simpler. Betty is also a surf girl, skate girl, beach girl & it’s all about bringing the beach to the urban & the urban to the beach.
  7. What tips can you give to any wannabe entrepreneurs? Be ready to work all hours of all days of every month until it all starts to flow on its own, and then once it’s rolling, be ready to continue that pattern. Love what you’re doing or you will hate your life.
  8. What other passions take up your time? Yoga, travel, beach time & play time with my boyfriend & friends, film making, photography.
  9. Who would be your fantasy 5 dinner party guests? Jane Goodall, Stella McCartney, Jenny McCarthy, Aminata Diallo, Princess Diana.
  10. If you were stranded on a desert island, what 5 items would you wish you had? A beach blanket. Something to (safely) open up the coconuts. A water purifying system. A camera with sound recording capabilities. A lighter.

Thanks Krista & Katie! It’s been an absolute privilege to interview yet another wonderfully inspiring female this Good Friday.

Katie now takes over the baton & will interview someone that inspires her for the next #TheChainofInspiration on Friday 12 April.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

G x


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