Look on the bright side…

Welcome to #SaturdayShopping! It may officially be spring but the weather is filthy! Weekends like this are made for holing up at home. Today’s #5aday was inspired by a recent trip to The Conran Shop when I fell in love with the bright neon lighting & beautiful displays. The Conran Shop

So it may be disgustingly cold out there but bring a bit of spring warmth into the home with today’s #5aday of bright home accessories! 

  1. Oliver Bonas Neon Water Bottles – Choose from range of bright neon for a splash of colour in the kitchen @ £5.95. Glass bottles
  2. Heals Pantone Mugs by Whitbread Wilkinson – Choose the right pantone for your home or mood @ £10. Pantone Mugs
  3. Amara Pantone Scented Candle – Peach & Rose – Stimulate all the senses with this colourful candle @ £22. Pantone Candle
  4. Graham and Green Felt Gypsy Cushions – Add a pop of colour to your sitting room with these vibrant cushions @ £30.
  5. Freire Printz Dandelion Clock Limited Edition Screen Print – Brighten up your walls with a stunning print @ £40. Dandelion print

5 brilliantly bright ideas to brighten up the home this dreary weekend but which will brighten up today’s #SaturdayShopping #GTopSpot?

Today’s #SaturdayShopping #GTopSpot goes to #1 Oliver Bonas Neon Water Bottles – The cheap & cheerful option! G x

Glass bottles



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