All Aboard the Gingerline Express!

Welcome back to #GTime & today’s #ThursdayFriday blog post! I feel refreshed & ready for today’s #5aday after a couple of weeks of #GTimeOut! Today’s #5aday looks back to the Thursday before I went skiing & March’s #MysteryNight when I embarked on a ‘Gingerline’ adventure with my fab friend Luci…

Gingerline is a clandestine, theatrical dining experience which takes place on the East London Overground line between Highbury, Islington or Crystal Palace. The location remains secret until 1 hour before when you receive a text with instructions of where to go…


This is the 2nd time I’ve jumped aboard the Gingerline Express & as the current mystery dining experience continues until the end of March, my lips are sealed on the details of the theme & location. So today’s #5aday review is based around my 1st Gingerline experience from November last year.

  1. Mystery – there’s something intoxicating about venturing into the unknown. On this occasion the mystery theme was an illicit casino ‘Gingerline Royale’, entered via an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ style door & tunnel. First Course
  2. Theatre & Entertainment – you can expect colourful performances from cabaret singers & actors cum waiting staff dressed provocatively and crazily!
    Second Course
  3. Delicious Food – the menu is always creatively presented, this time on a pack of cards… it did not disappoint over 4 scrummy courses…
    Third Course
  4. Cocktails – cleverly themed and presented in keeping with the Gingerline concept. My choice – always something with Gingerbeer! Fourth Course
  5. Something Different – if you’re looking to do something a bit ‘different’ this is a great place to go with a group of friends, but be prepared for a little bit of audience participation and a lot of crazy! thank you

All in all, it’s a thoroughly eclectic experience – expect the unexpected! It may seem quite pricey at £50 per head when you don’t know what you’re letting yourself into or where you’ll end up… but it’s definitely worth it… All aboard? Next stop: Gingerline! Casino Cards

So, now let’s see what April’s #MysteryNight brings. Over to you Luci! G x


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