Spring Preening

Welcome to #WellbeingWednesday. Now that March is finally here & spring is around the corner, it’s time for a spring preen!

Over the last few days I’ve been preened & pampered. After a couple of months of no polish, now’s the time to shine with today’s #5aday! 

Fedora Polish

  1. Manicure & CND World Shellac Polish from the ladies at Kleo Beauty Richmond. My chosen shade this week – Fedora.
  2. Spa Pedicure & matching Fedora CND World Shellac Polish from the fabulous Mia at Kleo Beauty Richmond.
  3. A massage. Kleo Beauty have a fab loyalty scheme offering a massage after 10 stamps (1 stamp per £20 spent).
  4. Cut & Finish from lovely Monika at Aveda Vertigo Salon in St Margarets. Amazing head massage & sleek styling.
  5. Wax from Strip London, St Paul’s – for a quick, pain-free wax treatment & a browse of all the lovely lingerie.

5 pampering steps to look & feel polished & brand new this spring… but which is the ultimate in spring preening in today’s #GTopSpot?

Today’s #WellbeingWednesday #GTopSpot goes to #5 Wax from Strip London, St Paul’s with the bonus of browsing the gorgeous lingerie boutique!

Get spring preening ladies! Happy #WellbeingWednesday. G x

Strip Boutique

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