Pukka Pasta

Evening! Welcome to #ThursdayFriday. Tonight’s #5aday is a little different with more of a #SpotLight on my first #MysteryNight of 2013.

On Monday evening, my friend Luce & I went to Jamie Oliver’s Recipease in Notting Hill, to learn how to cook ‘Unbeatable Filled Pasta’ from scratch! Newly opened last August, Notting Hill is the 3rd & largest venue of the franchise, with the original at Clapham Junction & Brighton, the 2nd. The surroundings are light, airy & modern with cafe style seating for other diners around the edge of the ‘kitchen’ area in the middle.


If at first you feel self-conscious ‘performing’ for the other diners, you soon forget. Maybe this is what it’s like to be on a reality TV show?! We were a class of 15 – made up of groups of girls & one couple. After a glass of vino, we donned our aprons & got stuck in! 

Today’s #5aday follows our 5 step progress from basic ingredients through to scrummy dinner of Jamie Oliver’s ‘Unbeatable Filled Pasta’!

  1. We each started with 1 free range egg & 100 gms of tipo ‘oo’ flour which we beat vigorously to form our lump of dough.IMG_3238
  2. Next we kneaded the dough thoroughly (to develop the gluten), back & forth in all directions, until it was smoother in consistency.IMG_3272
  3. After resting the dough (in clingfilm) we rolled it out through the different settings until thin enough to read a paper through it! IMG_3243
  4. Then on to the shapes! We made caramelle, tortellini & ravioli filled with a mix of spinach & ricotta which was pre-prepared for us.IMG_3271
  5. Finally we cooked our beautiful parcels for 1min 30secs in boiling water before adding to melted butter, sage & parmesan & serving.

It’s all pretty easy, but you may wish to download the full recipe for Jamie Oliver’s Unbeatable Filled Pasta here.

It was a fantastic evening. I learnt a new skill, had heaps of fun (while making a mess) & enjoyed a delicious meal, all for only £40 pp!

So, now let’s see what February’s #MysteryNight brings. Over to you Luce! G x


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