Love to Hate

Evening! It’s #HealthandFitnessFriday & nearly the weekend! One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to take up Bikram Yoga

3 weeks in & I’ve developed a bit of a LOVE-HATE relationship with it. I love how I feel lying in Savasana at the end of class but… WOW!! It is a truly challenging yet invigorating 90 minutes & while I do find some of the postures eye-wateringly tough… I LOVE it because it is SUCH hard work! Today’s #HealthandFitnessFriday #5aday is 5 reasons to LOVE Bikram Yoga.

Richmond Bikram Yoga

  1. Detoxification – Embrace the sweating & you’ll see the benefits as the body rids itself of all toxins, leaving you with glowing skin.
  2. Weight Loss – The heat allows you to stretch quicker & deeper. This increases the flexibility in the muscles, in turn burning fat.
  3. Strength, Stamina & Stretching – As a runner, it’s the perfect supporting exercise to improve running both physically & mentally.
  4. Flexibility, Alignment & Posture – For runners, this will help prevent injuries & improve technique. For others, you’ll stand taller!
  5. Mental Clarity & Reduced Stress – The intense focus empties the mind & the benefits of deep breathing will carry into everyday life.

5 great reasons to take-up Bikram Yoga but overall it’s an holistic approach to bringing health, vitality & well-being into your life.

After 3 weeks I’m definitely seeing the benefits. Thanks to Johnny & the Bikram Yoga Team in Richmond I’m addicted! G x

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