London Hideouts

Welcome to #ThursdayFriday! Many of you are having a dry January as part of your new year, new you regime. If so, I hope it’s going well!

It may also be cold but you can’t hide indoors all winter. Instead, hide out at some of these secret & experiential London venues & events.

  1. Bar Night Jar “Hidden between two cafes… a hidden slice of old-school glamour on the fringes of Shoreditch.”
  2. Dining in the Dark “A sensory experience that awakens the senses… re-evaluate perception of taste and smell.”
  3. Evans and Peel Detective Agency “An underground secret venue hidden in the depths of Chelsea.”
  4. Gingerline “A clandestine dining experience for London’s food adventurers.” on the East London Line.
  5. Secret Cinema “Secret audience. Secret film. Secret locations. Secret worlds. Tell No-One.” from Future Cinema.

5 London experiences which will excite and evoke all the senses but which will exult in tonight’s #ThursdayFriday #GTopSpot?

Tonight’s #ThursdayFriday #GTopSpot goes to #5 Secret Cinema. Tell No-One. Get a taste for it with Future Cinema’s Shawshank Redemption. G x

Secret Cinema

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