The D Word…

Welcome to the new look #SundayTimes #GTime which follows a topical theme of the moment… today’s #5aday #GTime is called ‘The D Word’.

D is for Divorce, Dating, Double-Standards & Dos & Don’ts. As a Divorcee of nearly 3 yrs, I find myself having to face up to all of these D words. Dating is hard & I’m guilty of Double-Standards.

Online Dating

It’s all changed since I last dated over 10 years ago. Online dating is the norm & there are so many dating pitfalls to be wary of. The time between New Year & Valentine’s is not surprisingly the busiest for online dating with a surge of people registering on sites. I don’t like online dating. It’s difficult not to judge people on looks & it’s depressing when you only seem to get contacted by freaks!

Dating is full of rules and game playing, which I loathe. Why can’t we just be ourselves? But then again, I do have double-standards. So as singletons out there are embracing a New Year of online dating, today’s #5aday is helpful Dos and Don’ts when it comes to Dating. 

  1. Don’t judge a book by its cover. If you are online dating, then do take time to read the profiles & don’t just look at the pictures.
  2. Do go somewhere different on your date. Don’t go to your local. If it’s a rubbish date at least you’ll have enjoyed a new experience.
  3. Don’t talk about past loves. Everyone has baggage, but there really is no need to drag it up on a date. Talk about positive things.
  4. Do accept when he (and he should) offers to pay. If you really want to go dutch then offer to pay next time. Let him be a gentleman.
  5. Do play the game a little. We might say we don’t like games but we all like a bit of a chase… it keeps us on our toes & interested.

To those out there giving online dating a go in 2013. Play the game but be yourself & don’t have double-standards! Good luck & have fun! G x

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