Maintain Motivation & Momentum

Good evening & welcome to #HealthandFitnessFriday. Lots of us have New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight or train towards a challenge.

New Year's Resolution Image

But it’s sometimes easier said that done. How do you keep motivated? How do you keep up the momentum? Today’s #5aday aims to help…

  1. Try to build your fitness programme into your daily schedule. Go to the gym on the way to work or during your lunch break.
  2. Set yourself realistic goals. Don’t push yourself too far too soon. It’s easy to get impatient to see results but you’ll risk injury.
  3. Vary your fitness programme & routine to keep it fresh & interesting. This’ll reduce the chance of getting bored in the early stages.
  4. Exercise with a friend. If you’ve made a commitment with someone else, there’s less chance you’ll bail from your exercise session.
  5. Visualise your goal. Imagine how you’ll look in those skinny jeans after losing 6kg or how it’ll feel to get a PB in your next race.

5 steps to help you buck the trend and keep to those New Year’s Resolutions. It won’t take long to start seeing results, so be patient!

Have a great weekend & make sure you’ve planned your fitness programme in advance. I’ve got 2 runs & a yoga session to look forward to!

G x

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