Commit & it only gets easier…

Hello & welcome to the new look Monday #GTime – #TheMondayInterview. 6 months ago I interviewed Fit Chick Tori, an ultra-runner, adidas athlete, writer & blogger based in Dubai.


Tori is a true inspiration to us all – she’s so positive, energetic, motivated and she’s great fun. In her latest challenge – the Action Asia 100km in Manaslu, Nepal, she came 4th female. Read all about her experience here.

This evening I’m pleased to welcome back Fit Chick Tori to give us an injection of inspiration and motivation at the start of a brand new year. You can read Part 1 (Chick Fit) of the interview here.

  1. Tell us about your 2013 New Year’s Resolutions? Where do I start? To run more, to sleep earlier, rise sooner, waste less, work more, drink less… all the usual, year in year out!
  2. What advice do you have for anyone who wants to take up running in 2013 for the first time? To remember that we all started with a slow, lung-bursting, heart pumping plod around the block. But commit and it only gets easier…
  3. What advice do you have for any aspiring ultra-runners? How do you move from a marathon distance to an ultra-marathon distance? It’s primarily down to time on your feet, being self-aware, the art of pacing and mental toughness. Conquer those and any ultra is yours!
  4. Who and what inspires you to take part in the challenges you do? Everyone from the world’s best long distance runners to those at the back of the pack. They show the greatest spirit and inspire me no end.
  5. Other than running and generally keeping fit, how do you spend your time? Writing. Words are my greatest passion and I’ve carved my career out of them. I even have ‘wordsmith’ tattooed on my body!

Thanks Fit Chick Tori. If you want regular doses of inspiration and to follow her wonderful adventures around the world, then be sure to follow her blog ‘Fit Chicks and Fast Women’. I’ve just agreed to a small challenge in the form of the Beaujolais Villages Trail (28km) with Tori in April – she’ll of course do the longer distance, but we’ll still have plenty of time for fun either side of our respective challenges!

Good luck in your next challenge Tori, we’ll be following!

G x

p.s As part of the new look Monday #GTime, Fit Chick Tori will take over the baton and will interview someone that inspires her, on behalf of Ginger and Spice… so make sure you clock-in on Monday 21 January for the next #TheMondayInterview.


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