Ginger and Spice in 2013

Evening & welcome to the weekend!

I mentioned in last Wednesday’s post, that Ginger & Spice is having a bit of a make-over in 2013 with some of the #GTime themes being refreshed or replaced.

#GTime will start back properly on Monday with what used to be the #MondayMonthlyInterview – when on the first Monday of each month I interview someone doing something interesting with their life, whether at work or play.

The new look Monday #GTime theme will now be #TheMondayInterview and it will take place every other Monday. So, if you would like to be considered to take part in this interview; to promote your business, personal project or cause, then please do get in touch via

Here’s a summary of the new look #GTime #5aday themes for 2013:

  • #TheMondayInterview – An interview of 5 standard bite-size questions & answers with someone doing something different or interesting in their life…
  • #TuesdayTreats – No change here… this will continue to showcase gift ideas for you and your loved ones.
  • #BookClubWednesday – A new column featuring a book review every other Wednesday.
  • #ThursdayFriday – No change here… Thursday, the new Friday, shares ideas on what to do and where to go…
  • #Health&FitnessFriday – A post dedicated to health, beauty and fitness ideas to maximise your well-being.
  • #SaturdayShopping – No real change here… What else do you do on a Saturday, other than shopping?! It will now regularly feature shoes!
  • #SundayTimes – The theme of this post will change each week, following a topical subject at that time…

The #5aday format will remain and #GTime will continue to take place every other day at 6pm. So, I hope you look forward to reading #GTime in 2013 and if you have any ideas or thoughts on how it could be improved, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

See you on Monday! Have a fabulous weekend.

G x

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