Perfect Ski Bum

Welcome to #WellbeingWednesday. In just over a month I will be hitting the slopes for the 1st time this ski season (subject to snow!)…

Apparently the best bodies for skiing are decathletes, with all the aspects of their training & disciplines making the perfect athlete. You may not be an Olympic decathlete but if you’re tackling the slopes this winter you’ll need to be in good all-round shape…

Today’s #WellbeingWednesday #5aday features all we need to get us into shape & ready to take full advantage of the slopes this winter.

  1. Undertake 2 or 3 running/cycling sessions a week, to ensure you can sustain short bursts of exertion repeatedly & at high altitudes.
  2. Lower body workout drills e.g. bum kicks, jogging & hopping with high knees, side strides & bunny hops x 2 sets of each over 20-30m.
  3. Upper body workout e.g. sit-ups, back arches, back extensions, reverse curl, bench dips, push-ups & twisted curls x 2/3 sets of 20/30.
  4. Work on mobility of upper & lower body with joint rotations e.g. arm swings, shoulder circles, hip circles & twists, squats & lunges.
  5. Improve coordination & agility through agility ladder drills. Take a look at this short demo for some guidance.

5 steps to maximising your skiing fitness this winter, ensuring you will ski better & longer each day, as well as minimising injuries. G x

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