Great British Bake Off

Welcome to #TuesdayTreats! To go with last Sunday’s cake stands for National Cake Week, today’s #5aday treats are cakes to adorn them.

  1. Lola’s Cupcakes’ Cupcakes and Cakes – Beautifully decorated & tasty cakes of all sizes, flavours & toppings.
  2. Organic Delights’ Cupcakes – Cakes with natural ingredients which are tasty (toffee apple) & good for you.
  3. Meg Rivers’ Cakes and Biscuits – Delicious traditional cakes for all occasions using natural ingredients.
  4. Oh My Cupcake’s Cakes and Cupcakes – Gorgeous cakes for all occasions. Book a class & learn how to make them too!
  5. Funky Little Cakes’ Mini Cakes – Little lemon sponge cakes with marzipan & coloured fondant icing for all occasions

5 scrummy cake artisans but which will win tonight’s Great British Bake Off taking the #GTopspot cherry on top accolade?

Tonight’s #TuesdayTreats #GTopSpot goes to #3 Meg Rivers’ Cakes and Biscuits – Freshly baked treats that make perfect gifts. G x

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