Book Clubbing

Welcome to #MysteryMonday. I got together with my book club on Friday & while we call ourselves the book club we don’t really talk books!

We did this time make an exception, talking about the prolific ‘Fifty Shades’. So, in honour of my book club, tonight’s #5aday is books! 

  1. The Snowman by Jo Nesbo – Had this since last summer but was keen to read others first. Gripping. Worth the wait.
  2. Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James – Kinky romance. Corny but perfect beach read. Ann Summers is now cashing in!
  3. The Stranger’s Child by Alan Hollinghurst – Complete antidote to Fifty Shades. Literary. Vividly descriptive.
  4. The Making of Us by Lisa Jewell – A very easy read, perfect for holiday. Made me cry and laugh out loud.
  5. The Leopard by Jo Nesbo – The next instalment from the Norweigen crime writer. The best of the series so far.

5 great summer reads but which will take today’s literary crown in the #GTopSpot?

Today’s #MysteryMonday #GTopSpot winner is #5 The Leopard by Jo Nesbo – Hold on tight for all the twists & turns. G x


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