Ginger’s 100th Post

Today is a special day for Ginger & Spice. This is my 100th post, so today’s #MysteryMonday takes a look back at the highlights.

On this special occasion, I have rated my favourite posts so far. So in order from the top, here are my 10 favourite posts:

  1. ROYAL SOLE OF APPROVAL posted 1 June – A Jubilee inspired #ShoeFriday post featuring shoes fit for a queen.
  2. EDINA! SCOTIA’S DARLING SEAT! posted 21 May – A #MysteryMonday post featuring 5 things to do when in Edinburgh.
  3. LOVE ST MARGARETS posted 5 May – A #SaturdayShopping post featuring gorgeous shops & boutiques in St Margarets.
  4. CUISINE CULTURE posted 3 May – A #ThursdayFriday post featuring 5 different national food eateries around London.
  5. RICHES OF RICHMOND posted 1 April – A #SundayHome post on 5 stylish ‘interiors’ shops in Richmond-on-Thames.
  6. THE ONLY RED SOLE posted 15 June – A #ShoeFriday post featuring my 5 favourite Christian Louboutin Shoes.
  7. SIGHTS & SOUNDS OF LONDON posted 7 June – A #ThursdayFriday post featuring 5 cool things to do around London.
  8. SWEET DREAMS posted 17 June – A #SundayHome post featuring 5 beautiful bedroom pieces/accessories to inspire romance.
  9. BABY GIFTS posted 17 April – A #TuesdayTreats post showcasing 5 cute personalised baby gift ideas.
  10. RACE READY posted 21 March – A #WellbeingWednesday post sharing 5 race tips from my friend & ultra-runner FitChickTori.

So the #GTopSpot goes to a #ShoeFriday post! Here are the Top 10 most viewed posts by you

  1. BBQ SUMMER posted 6 May
  2. WHO’S THE DADDY posted 12 June
  3. WALL OF FAME posted 13 May
  4. DRESS TO IMPRESS posted 2 June
  5. EDINA! SCOTIA’S DARLING SEAT! posted 21 May
  6. HOLIDAY ACTION posted 12 April
  8. THE ART OF PHOTOGRAPHY posted 7 May
  9. A FAT LOT OF GOOD? posted 16 May
  10. AL FRESCO DRINKING posted 24 May

Thank you for following my blogette & for your feedback so far! From now on my 5-a-day #GTime will be posted every other day from 6pm…

So please clock in at 6pm this coming #WellbeingWednesday for my next #GTime post. Thanks again for following.

Lots of Love. Ginger x

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