Lean & Mean

Happy #WellbeingWednesday. Today’s theme is Toning Shoes’ which we’re told will result in toned legs, thighs & bums! Quite a statement.

The degree of instability in the sole of these shoes works muscles in legs & bums harder to maintain balance with toning benefits…

  1. Marks and Spencer Step-Tone Gem Flip-Flops with Nature-Step Technology – Increase muscle activity in legs @ £35.
  2. Reebok EasyTone Plus Vive – “Balance pods” create instability in response to strides which tones. Now @ £45.
  3. FitFlop Lunetta Urban White – The world’s first muscle-activating flip flop, this time with added sparkle @ £60.
  4. Sketchers UK Women’s Tone-ups Run – Run in these to increase calorie burn, build endurance & tone muscles @ £66.
  5. MBT Kianga Incense – ‘Dressy’ option designed to simulate walking barefoot on natural surfaces @ £190.

5 very different ‘toning’ shoes with grand claims to tone & burn calories but which is the leanest & meanest in today’s #GTopSpot?

Today’s #WellbeingWednesday #GTopSpot winner is #4 Sketchers UK Women’s Tone-ups Run – Running shoe with benefits. G x

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