Dress to Impress

Hello! Hope you’re enjoying day one of the long weekend. It’s #SaturdayShopping & in honour of Her Majesty, let’s get dressed up today!

Today’s #SaturdayShopping 5-a-day theme is dedicated to fabulous dresses to make an impression this Jubilee weekend.

  1. @ASOS Sexy Pencil Dress with Sweetheart Neck – Accentuate your curves in this stretch jersey fabric dress @ £24.
  2. @FC_Woman Bric A Block Tunic Dress – Look chic in this simple silk dress @ £130.
  3. @ted_baker Timoxa Printed Ruffle Dress – Look pretty in this Parisian print dress @ £139.
  4. @REISS Helena Belted Seafoam Green Dress – Look cool & breezy in this oversized t-shirt dress @ £159.
  5. @KarenMillen Tropical Lily Print Dress – Look pencil sharp & hot in this exotic stretch pencil dress @ £175.

Dress to impress in one of these 5 gorgeous dresses but which one is the most dressy catwalking into today’s #GTopSpot?

Today’s #SaturdayShopping #GTopSpot winner is #5 Karen Millen’s Tropical Lily Print Dress – a dress to impress! G x


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