Right Royal Celebrations

Happy #ThursdayFriday! The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is nearly here, so today’s #GTime looks at the best things to do in celebration of this very special occasion.

  1. Tonight – Get down to the opening of @SelfridgesBig Beauty Bang tonight (or the closing event next Thursday) – A celebration of all things beautifully British!
  2. SaturdayJubilee Garden Party, Hampton Court @HRP_palaces – Dine out at vintage 1950s British garden party.
  3. Sunday – Visit St Margarets Street Party from 11am followed by drinks at @ShipWandsworth for view of Thames Pageant.
  4. Monday – Visit Jubilee, Jubilee @MuseumofBrands exhibition – Showcase of past royal jubilee commemorative products.
  5. Tuesday – Support the Queen’s Jubilee Carriage Procession after the morning’s Thanksgiving Service at St Paul’s.

5 different events for a right royal celebration for Her Majesty but which will be crowned with glory in today’s #GTopSpot?

Today’s #ThursdayFriday #GTopSpot goes to #3. The Thames Pageant promises to be an amazing spectacle & celebration! G x

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