Vroom Vroom

I’m pleased to welcome a guest columnist for today’s #MysteryMonday 5-a-day… Today’s theme is #Motoring courtesy of @richyarrow… Richard Yarrow is a freelance motoring journalist & he’s going to share 5 bite-size thoughts on the latest motoring innovations or trends.

  1. Renault’s Twizy is the latest commuting innovation. A tandem two-seater, it’s electric & does 60+ miles. Plug it in, charge it up and go.
  2. Don’t need to own a car? Sell up & join a club to rent one. With cars, bikes, scooters and vans www.mu.peugeot.co.uk is the way forward.
  3. BP’s collectable Olympic Medallions on sale at fuel stations. Awful engravings of Adlington, Hoy, Redgrave et al – they must be thrilled!
  4. External car airbags for pedestrians are here. New Volvo V40 has one at base of windscreen to cut head injuries. Rivals will follow suit.
  5. Driving first Chinese brand car on sale in UK this week. Steed pick-up truck from Great Wall (Great Name!). Floodgates will open v soon.

Thanks Richard for your 5 motoring thoughts this week. My #GTopSpot goes to #2 the car club as this is the perfect solution for me. G x

If you’d like to read more of Richard’s motoring thoughts, check out his blog every Monday and Thursday: http://splutteringtailpipe.blogspot.com G x

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