Apple of my Eye

Happy #MysteryMonday! or I should say ‘appy Monday… today’s 5-a-day features 5 of my favourite iPhone apps of the moment…

  1. Draw Something Free by OMGPOP – Great way to keep up with friends on daily basis through fun of drawing. £ Free.
  2. Logos Quiz Game by AticoD – Test your knowledge of hundreds of different brand logos. Addictive. £ Free.
  3. Instagram by Burbn, Inc. – Turn ordinary photos into works of art & share with your networks. £ Free.
  4. Old MacDonald – by Duck Duck Moose – Award-winning essential to keep kids entertained. £1.49.
  5. UK Train Times by Agant – As a regular train user I absolutely live by this app on a daily basis. £4.99.

5 apps for every need – be it practical, entertainment or networking… but which is the app(le) of my i(phone) in today’s #GTopSpot?

Today’s #MysteryMonday #GTopSpot goes to #3 Instagram by Burbn, Inc. for turning us all into budding photographers. ‘Appy Monday! G x

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