Wall of Fame

Hello and welcome to #SundayHome. Hope you’re enjoying the weather whether at home in the garden or out & about.

Prints are very on trend in both fashion & interiors. Using patterns is a simple way to add a feature to a room, especially on a wall. Today’s #SundayHome features 5 wallpapers – a mix of big & bold and subtle & simple designs to make a stylish statement in a room.

  1. Dragonfly from Scion’s Melinki Collection – A splash of indigo colour with a hand-painted arty look. £30 per 10m.
  2. Camberwell Beauty – Pale Verdigris from Minimoderns – Butterfly design in calming pastel green. £45 per roll.
  3. Foxglove from Osborne & Little Collection – A bright & beautiful design of wild foxgloves. £47 per roll.
  4. Etched Leaf from Wallpaperking – A luxurious bronzed design of leaves to glam up a room. £52.58 per roll.
  5. Trellis Bamboo – Copper from Little Green – Dark & decadent design for a touch of the orient. £54.75 per roll.

5 wonderful wallpaper designs that will transform a wall or a room but which will hang in the wall of fame in today’s #GTopSpot?

Today’s #SundayHome #GTopSpot goes to #1 Dragonfly from Scion’s Melinki Collection for stunning simplicity. G x

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