Lap of Honour

Good evening! Hope you’ve been taking advantage of the lovely sunshine today. Have you been enjoying a spot of #SaturdayShopping maybe? Today’s #SaturdayShopping theme is dedicated to gorgeous protective covers for smartphones & laptops. By special request for a friend!

  1. Tuff-Luv Polka Hot Case Cover for Kindle by @right_bag – I’m polka dotty for this purple kindle cover @ £26.99.
  2. Michael Kors Jet Set Phone Case from @Selfridges – In beautiful bright red, look part of the jet set club @ £40.
  3. Mockin Contrast iPad Case by @ted_baker – Smart case with contrast of patent leather in neutral colours @ £79.
  4. Quilted Acorn Print 13 by @orla_kiely – Stylish classic shoulder bag for 13″ laptop in navy acorn print @ £100.
  5. Swarovski Encrusted iPhone Cover from @HarrodsofLondon – The flashy, glamorous blue crystal-encrusted option @ £279
Protect your smartphone & laptop in style with one of these 5 stunning cases but which will take the lap of honour in today’s #GTopSpot? Today’s #SaturdayShopping #GTopSpot goes to #3 Mockin Contrast iPad Case by @ted_baker for being understated & chic. G x

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