Bring-on the Bikini

It’s #WellbeingWednesday & downhill to the bank holiday!

I’m dedicating today to my 5 top tips for getting bikini-ready for summer…

  1. Kick-start the day with porridge & blueberries for a slow release of energy throughout the day & your RDA of antioxidants & fibre.
  2. Run at least 3 times a week for great all-over exercise. Not only is it free, it’s good therapy after a stressful day in the office!
  3. Combine running with plenty of good stretching plus 5 reps of 20 sit-ups & 5 reps of 10 press-ups daily, for toned tummy & arms.
  4. Snack on pistachios or almonds – for protein, fibre & other vitamins & minerals while lower in calories & fat than other nuts.
  5. Drink peppermint tea for its healing & calming digestive properties & it’s good for the skin too. Give up alcohol during the week?!!

5 simple steps to getting into shape & ready for one of the beautiful bikinis I featured on Saturday. Now all we need is the sunshine! G x

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