Choo Friday

With all the grey & wet weather we’re having, today’s #ShoeFriday should brighten the spirits with an injection of much-needed colour! G x

Happy #ShoeFriday or #ChooFriday… today’s 5-a-day is dedicated to 5 beautiful bright @JimmyChooLtd shoes for you to drool over!

  1. Orange Lance Patent Leather Sandal – Look vibrant & fresh in these gorgeous strappy sandals @ £425.
  2. Light Coral Crown Suede Platform Peep Toe Pumps – Look cute in these coral platform pumps @ £435.
  3. Bright Blue Vibe Matt Elaphe Platform Peep Toe Pumps – Look sexy & exotic in these heels @ £525.
  4. Multi-colour Ava Floral Printed Sandal – Look poolside glam in these print & gemstone choos @ £550.
  5. Purple Rita Feather Sandal – Look really fine in these feathered sandals famous from SITC @ £1,095.

5 stunning shoes to make you shine bright but which will be the brightest star of the @JimmyChooLtd line-up by taking today’s #GTopSpot?

Today’s #ChooFriday #ShoeFriday #GTopSpot goes to #1 @JimmyChooLtd Orange Lance Patent Leather Sandal – Wear to brighten up a wet & dreary day! G x

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