DJ in the House

Hope you’re having Happy Mondays! Today’s #MysteryMonday is #MusicMonday & I’m proud to welcome back a guest columnist as our DJ today.

@Steve_Kirk is a big festival go-er, and fan of all music, but particularly hip-hop and funk. Over to you DJ SK…

  1. Slick Rick: Children’s Story. Watched ‘The Sitter’ this month. Rubbish film, great soundtrack.
  2. Friends: I’m His Girl. The lo-fi video is good too. Love the raw, stripped down sound from this Brooklyn band.
  3. Cults: Go Outside (2 Bears Remix). Full of jungle/BBoy FX and samples. Sufficiently dirty.
  4. Escort: Cocaine Blues. A modern disco re-edit of a Dillinger reggae track. It works.
  5. Reflection Eternal: Fortified Live. Found this on 12″ recently and was made up. Classic from Talib Kweli et al.

Thanks @Steve_Kirk for being Ginger’s resident DJ today but which track will top the charts as today’s #GTopSpot winner?

Today’s #MusicMonday #GTopSpot goes to #3 Cults: Go Outside (2 Bears Remix). It’s on repeat apparently. Thanks again DJ @Steve_Kirk! G x

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