Marathon Feat

Continuing the London Marathon theme from yesterday, today’s #ThursdayFriday 5-a-day features 5 good places to watch this amazing event.

These 2 guides are also good to refer to: @LondonMarathon‘s interactive map & @TimeOutLondon‘s guide.

  1. Mile 6 – Best spot for seeing sights of London including the site of the Cutty Sark & Sir Christopher Wren’s Old Royal Naval College.
  2. Mile 12, Tower Bridge – For me this iconic landmark is one of the real high points of the race. Incredible crowds & atmosphere.
  3. Mile 13 & 21, The Highway – Stand in central resevation for mass runners on mile 13 coming one way & elite women at mile 21 on other.
  4. Mile 18, Canary Wharf & Canada Square – Popular spots for both spectators & runners alike as many will begin to hit the wall here!
  5. Mile 25, Embankment – The end goal is within grasp here & the boost of friends & family supporting you so near the end is incredible.

My #ThursdayFriday #GTopSpot goes to #2 Tower Hill – mile 12… this for me was the best spot as a runner with fab music & great crowds.

The #London #Marathon really is such an amazing event for runners & spectators alike. Good luck to all of you taking part. Enjoy! G x

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