Little Birdie

Inspired by yesterday’s flamingo theme, today’s #SundayHome features 5 different ideas for beautiful bird-themed wall art.

  1. @RockettStGeorge Birdcage Wall Stickers – Show your style with small & large combo @ £34.95 & £54.95 each.
  2. @notonthehighst Butterflies Wall Stickers by Frank & Fearless – Perfect to transform a bedroom wall @ £42.
  3. @dwelluk Flamingo Wall Sticker – On trend neon flamingo to brighten up a white wall @ £45.
  4. @LauraAshley__ Mirrored Bird Wall Art – Majestic. Made of many individual mirrored pieces @ £69.30.
  5. ‘Surface View Two’ Birds in Flight Canvas by Nic Miller – Exclusively reproduced on to canvas for up to £280.

5 winged wonders wall art to add a touch of individual style to your home but which will fly into today’s #GTopSpot?

Today’s #SundayHome #GTopSpot goes to #1 @RockettStGeorge Birdcage Wall Stickers for a unique stylish look which will transform a room. G x

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