Easter Eggs

While we often forget the true significance of #Easter… it’s a nice excuse to treat your loved ones to something tasty this Sunday…

So in preparation for Sunday, today’s #TuesdayTreats features #Easter treats for family & friends. p.s. apologies for the egg puns!

  1. @thorntonschocs‘ 3 for 2 range – Perfect to personalise. Eggcellent value from @ £6.50.
  2. @meltchocolates‘ freshly laid eggs – Pick up from Ledbury Road shop or Selfridges & Harrods. Eggstremely tasty.
  3. @BiscuitVillage‘s Cute Chicks Biscuit Tin – Eggstraordinarily cute @ £24.99.
  4. @BiscuiteersLtd‘s Easter Egg Mini Collection – A gift to get eggstatic about @ £30.
  5. @HotelChocolat Milk Chocolate Ostrich Easter Egg – Real eggstravagance @ £70.

5 delicious #Easter treats, 5 dreadful egg puns… but which will be eggsultant in victory as today’s #TuesdayTreats #GTopSpot winner?

Today’s #TuesdayTreats #GTopSpot goes to #4 @BiscuiteersLtd‘s Easter Egg Mini Collection for being truly exquisite, I mean… eggsquisite! G x

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