Race Ready

Thinking ahead to Saturday’s 30km in Paris with @FitchickTori my ultra-running pal has agreed to share some tips on how best to prepare.

I’m excited to welcome @FitchickTori as our guest columnist for today’s #WellbeingWednesday. 5 race tips to follow…

  1. Sleep well in the days prior, stress little, hydrate lots (not wine) and eat healthy, nutritious, wholesome foods.
  2. Try to visualise the entire race; how you will feel, the sights, smells, the terrain, the hot French boys around you…
  3. Lay everything out the night before – clothes, bib, pack & make sure you’ll look good just in case a cameraman takes a pic!
  4. Think about how running that far makes you 100% entitled to feast at aid stations – cheese, baguettes, chocolates & more.
  5. Be motivated by the end result – finish line, hot shower, French wine, massage and shopping galore!

Thanks @FitchickTori for your inspiring words! For more tips and tricks, motivation and much, much more, check out http://t.co/Q2a2KYiZ. G x

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