Celebrity Chef Cookbooks

I was inspired on the weekend by my brother & his love of #cooking. If only I had more time… but really it’s just a lack of ideas.

Today’s #mysterymonday feature looks at 5 of best chef #cookbooks of the moment. Any one of these should inspire you in the kitchen.

  1. Heston Blumenthal At Home – Technical, innovative cooking made easy. A culinary revolution @ £18 from @Waterstones.
  2. Ferran Adria’s The Family Meal – Inspired by dishes eaten by staff at his legendary El Bulli. Delicioso @ £14.97 from @Waterstones.
  3. Giorgio Locatelli’s Made in Sicily – Inspired by his love of Sicily & simple ingredients. Delizioso @ £17.83 from @Waterstones.
  4. Bill’s Everyday Asian by Bill Granger – Inspired by exotic flavours from Asia. Tantalising the taste buds @ £12 from @Waterstones.
  5. Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets – Bringing Gallic passion & precision to the home kitchen. Bon Appetit @ £16.30 from @Waterstones.

My #mysterymonday #gtopspot goes to Bill’s Everyday Asian as I absolutely love Asian food. I have no excuses now not to get #cooking. G x

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