Mothering Sunday

In preparation for #Mothersday on Sunday 18 March, today’s #tuesdaytreats features 5 delicious edible gifts. Why send flowers?

  1. Meg Rivers Mini Megs @megriverscakes – Say it with cakes at £14.
  2. Giant tin of personalised flower chocs from @BiscuiteersLtd – Say it with icing at £65.
  3. Loch Fyne – For Her Gift Box – Say it with Scottish treats at £33.
  4. @HotelChocolat chocolates – See the All About Mum Selection – Say it with chocolate at £22.
  5. I Love U Mum Tin from @BiscuitVillage – Say it with biscuits at £20.

5 yummy scrummy ways to say “I love you” this #mothersday but there can only be one winner. The cherry on the top goes to…

@megriverscakes – today’s #tuesdaytreats #gtopspot winner – for delicious eats at a tasty price – having one’s cake and eating it too! G x

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