Hard as Nails

Love Wednesdays… half-way to the weekend! What better way to celebrate than talk about things that make us feel healthy & beautiful? There’s nothing quite like a fresh polish on the nails… I had mine done today & I feel ready to rock the boardroom & the dance floor!

That’s right, you’ve ‘nailed’ it… today’s #wellbeingwednesday looks at 5 different polishes and places to get gels that make you jel!

  1. @OPINAILS soak-off gels from The Wax Bar, St Margarets. Colour – ‘I don’t know Jacques!’ – generally lasts for 3-4 weeks. Lush at £36.
  2. Shellac from Kleo Nails, Richmond. Colour – Natural Pink – generally lasts for 10 days. Pretty in pink at £33.
  3. Jessica GELeration from Heaven V @VirginActiveUK, Bank. Colour – Hot Fudge – generally lasts for 2 weeks. Sexy at £34.
  4. Organic strengthening gel from Senshi Beauty, Richmond – Colour – French – lasts c. 3 weeks. Au naturel at £40.
  5. Gel infills from Kleo Nails, East Sheen. Colour – Creative ‘Nail Noir’ – lasts up to 5 weeks but destroys nails! Dangerous at £26.

Today’s #wellbeingwednesday #gtopspot goes to… *drum roll* @OPINAILS and The Wax Bar, St Margarets. Emma & Nicola will look after you! G x

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