Accessories for Cats & Dogs

After a day of drooling over #oscars gowns, I thought I’d pick an entirely different topic to kick off the first #mysterymonday feature…

According to the PFMA, in 2011 there were 8 million cats & 8 million dogs in the UK. To celebrate our love of pets, today’s feature looks at stylish accessories for cats & dogs. 5 items will receive today’s #mysterymonday gongs. But which camp are you in? Cat or dog?

  1. Harry Barker Bon Chien Dog Food Storage from Hair of the Dog London – “Bon Chien, Bon Appetit” – Smart at £44.
  2. Alessi Tigrito Cat Bowl by Alessi from @AmaraUK – Sleak at £42.
  3. Union Jack Walled Dog Bed by Hugo & Hennie from @notonthehighst – Patriotic at £91.
  4. Emma Bridgewater Personalised Red Star Small Pet Bowl – Pretty at £20.
  5. Green Kitten Starter Kit from Hair of the Dog London “the purrrfect gift for your kitten or cat” – Cute at £30.

So which of these beautiful cat and dog accessories will receive the coveted ‘G Top Spot’ Award? Is the leading role a cat or a dog?

The #mysterymonday #gtopspot award goes to #2 Alessi Tigrito Cat Bowl by Alessi from @AmaraUK for being purrrfect for our feline friends. G x

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